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Buddhist Child

Buddhist Child

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Co Co Merengue

So yesterday my dad brought up(on facebook of all places) a story that he used to tell me.

It was unlike any story that I am sure any child has ever heard.  Parents are supposed to want to protect their children.As I grew older I started to think that the story was humorous, but until now I haven’t really given much thought, how this story could have had a negative impact on my childhood development and my life.

The story states that I was born in a little village in Venezuela; my parents didn’t want me so they shipped me off to America and dropped me off on the first doorstep that they found with a note saying to please take care of their little “Coco Merengue”. Apparently the note also stated that they will be coming back for me one day to reclaim their daughter.

When I was little I remember that my dad would tell me this story and I would cry and plead to not let then take me away. I would tell my dad that I loved him and that I didn’t want to go with another family. He found humor in my despair. In my opinion that is slightly sadistic.

Looking back that could have some serious negative implication upon me. It’s almost his point to give his child anxiety about being taken away from all that she has ever known, while making a little redheaded girl in a family of brunettes feel like she was even more of an outcast.

I don’t know that he was thinking but I can look past it now

To be clear I was never adopted. I was born to my mother and father in a city of Connecticut. I just don’t understand what he could have gained from the lies, perhaps I’ll never know.

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