However Dysfunctional , This is the Way that I see Things


on September 15, 2013





When the average 20 something year old thinks of New Year’s Day; they think of sleeping in until 2pm, the massive hangover threatening to be the death of them, and the promise that they aren’t going to drink that that again this year. When I think of New Year’s Day I think of a fresh start. Not the party that I will be attending but I think of the parts of myself that I can mold and shape to become a better person.  January 1st  is an opportunity to make it the best year of my life. I think about the goals that I have been trying to achieve since before I could remember, the projects I have been putting off, and somehow for one fleeting moment they all seem possible. New Year’s Day gives  me hope that no matter the goal large or small that with the right amount of effort, and no tainted memories of failures from the past  year anything can happen.


One response to “Optimistic!

  1. El Guapo says:

    Don’t limit yourself – you can do that any day.

    And it’s still summer for a week! Sheesh! Too early for christmas and new years stuff!!!


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