However Dysfunctional , This is the Way that I see Things

Things and Terms That I learned While Living in Connecticut!

1)      The term “Cocked” Means really drunk.\

2)      It is appropriate behavior to stick ones arm in an open gravesite

3)      “Raggie ”is something that you don’t want to be called

4)      Read He’s Just Not That Into You at least once a year

5)   Weed is your friend6)   Majorska Vodka is not your friend…

7)   The New Kings game is the shit

8)   I own at flip-cup and quarters (pong not so much)

9)   Toyota yaris is the bomb diggity

10)   Haunted houses make the best parties

11)   Pancakes are great when you are wasted

12)   It is acceptable to say reckless every 3.254 seconds

13)   I am going to miss Connecticut….


What is the fear of packing called?

So starting with the big things…. I GOT THE JOB!

I am officially going to be a Floridian again…. I can tell that Florida is excited to have me too cause I have already gotten 3.5 likes on my fb post stating that I am coming back. (the .5 was me … I only count for half in this situation) I know I am super popular in Florida! The position is actually a transfer from my “shitty retail job” For some reason they decided to give me a raise and a promotion. Even Better !So now I have to decide what it is I need to do in order to get there safely … Well me, my crap, and my sugar glider all intact … oye vey

My to do list …….. Sorry I had a midnight snack…mmmmmmm burgers

Back to my

To do list

  • Pack up all my things
  • Buy plane ticket for my and Naomi**
  • Clean(alot)
  • Make a preflight check list
  • Arrange for someone to pick me up at the airport

** Naomi is my sugar glider

This is what my to do list should look like…

This however this is what  a procrastinating, cracked, over-anxious, Nicole colored glasses list of things to do looks like.

To do list

  • Dread packing
  • Go on Facebook
  • Make a blog about moving
  • Read blogs
  • Listen to music while dancing in your underwear
  • 20 games of angry birds
  • Shower
  • Create the boxes in which you will be putting your stuff in.
  • Play with Naomi
  • Finally start to pack
  • Realize the time and promise you will continue tomorrow “bright and early”

See my problem … I isn’t really my fault … Blame it on GA GA cause baby I was born this way…Or we can always blame it on the goose cause its got me feeling loose for sure . Wish me luck I am going to need it.

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