However Dysfunctional , This is the Way that I see Things

Back to paradise with a Bucket list

I am at a crossroads in my life and I wasn’t sure how this would feel.

On one hand it would be easy to sit around and wait for things to change , But on the other hand I could be missing out on all the adventures that my life could hold. A year ago I was a broken down shell of myself. Overweight and tired of things not going my way. I am now realizing that although it may be uncomfortable at first, change is a good thing. I have an interview on Friday to go back to Florida and have a better positiont  at my job. If I get this position I would be making the same amount of money but I will be living in what most call paradise. I have been thinking of my future . My  future makes me think of bucket lists. So  heeeeere we go.

Nicole Colored Glasses Bucket List

  • Climb a mountain/Rock climb
  • Sky dive indoor first then outdoor
  • Learn a new language
  • Live in another country
  • Get a degree
  • Get describe as spontaneous
  • Influence a child(children) in a positive way
  • Drive a motorcycle
  • ·        Ride a roller coaster
  • ·        Be able to perform a back handspring
  • ·        Set what seems like an impossible goal and knock it outta the park
  • ·        Fall madly in love with someone that feels the same.
  • ·        Run a 5k

So there you have it folks wish me luck (I shall need it). Hopefully I will be starting my new life when I write to you next just in time for hurricane season.