However Dysfunctional , This is the Way that I see Things

The World behind Nicole-Colored Glasses.

Hello Ladies and Gents in the internet box! Have a seat and prepare to be entertained and amazed by The One , The ONLY , …. Oh ok maybe that is being a little over dramatic. I am me. No excuses . No regrets. I am me and I will never give that up ever ever again. So with that being said , I have complied a list of what/who I am .. So for a first post I couldn’t think of one better then as a glorified about me, with some quirks and nonsense along the way. But first I would like to explain Why I chose the title The world behind Nicole-Colored Glasses.

As I said before, I am me . As silly and obvious as that may sound. I took me all of my 22 years to figure that out. I always knew that I was different and instead of embracing it, as a child I tried to conceal it. After long consideration , a few heartbreaks, and years of caring way too much, one day I broke. Well actually I didn’t break, maybe just cracked. Yes cracked. I decided that I am not doing myself any favors by trying to be someone I am not AND as a result of that,I truly see the world in a different light.Through my eyes.

HENCE , Nicole-Colored Glasses.

So with that being said, I would like to read you off my list of things that I believe encompass who I am as a person ,some good some not so great but always guaranteed to give you a laugh , a chuckle , or maybe have you staring at the screen thinking wow, this chick is crazy. But at the end of the day I don’t care and THAT is the beauty of this new found enlightenment.

Artsy- I love all forms art . You name it I have probably created with it.

Animal Lover- This one is true to all of the creatures… Even the tasty ones. Sorry PETA

Eclectic- I act differently than most . take it or leave it.

Intense- When you get to know me I am a very passionate person.

Gypsy- An insanely beautiful word to illustrate how I am constantly moving, changing , if only in my mind.

Colorful- I feel that (on a good day ) I have the power to light up a room with my energy.

Loving- I have loved so hard it has crushed me. I do , however still love with everything I have.

Caring- I am a feeler to the extreme, It is my super power.

Sophomoric humor– This word has a special place in my heart as a 10th grade vocab word. I have a childish sense of humor is really think it only helps me to see the world differently.

Appreciative- I never take peoples kindness for granted. All nice things that are done for me are etched in my heart somewhere.

Thoughtful- I TRY to keep people’s feelings in mind when I speak.There was a time in high school that I word-vomitted all over a friend and it felt awful.

Loud- among other things i am Italian , so i just consider that to be part of my heritage

Beautiful- I , after years of dieting and feeling terrible about my body i have realized that if I just stop and see the beauty that makes me who i am i will be truly beautiful

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”- Marilyn Monroe

Dark- Behind the outer layer is the real me, the dark side only comes to the surface when necessary.

Quirky- random dancing, singing

Impish (compliments to lizziecracked)

Magical- I believe in magic in the metaphorical sense and actual magic. I believe that certain people can tell what is going to happen, can heal people with just believing that they will. It is one of the very things that i am proud to say I haven’t lost from my childhood. Mostly the belief that magic can be possible.

Youthful- other than the obvious, I am a child at heart

Bubbly- I try to make the best of any situation, so i guess that is what gives me a bubbly personality.

Sexual-well…. its a natural thing right?

So that is me all exposed and ready to let you hear about my life. I hope that i have intrigued you if only a little , for i have so much to offer to this world. Well I guess your world, for I get to live in my own.